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Many people love spring! After months of harsh cold weather and gloomy dark days, finally, springtime arrives. Spring means Spring Break, long sunny days, fresh air, and most importantly, new budding plants and grass. This new season, while it is meant to be enjoyed, is also a vital time to do the landscaping and lawn care that ensures a beautiful property the rest of the year. These are some of the most important landscaping tips for the springtime.


Soil Acidity

During the winter, the pH levels in your lawn can become highly acidic. This can kill off grass and prevent new growth. If pH levels are high, spreading a layer of lime over the lawn will neutralize the soil.


Preventing Weeds

While spring is the perfect time for new grass to sprout, it is also the perfect time for weeds. Prevent those obnoxious weeds from even growing in the first place by applying a herbicide to your lawn in the early spring.



Though aeration can also be done in the fall, many people do find their lawn in need of aeration once spring rolls around. Aeration is just the creation of holes in the surface of the lawn to allow for better drainage as well as water and air access to the grassroots.



After months of lying dormant under snow, grass often needs some extra care. Fertilize your grass with either compost or chemical fertilizer to encourage a healthy lawn.


Sound like a lot of work to you? After a whole winter being cooped up inside, you don’t want to spend your time outdoors doing yard work. Contact us and we will take care of all of your spring landscaping and lawn maintenance needs!

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