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Plants = Happiness


Plants require little responsibility but provide a lot of rewards. Plants can brighten an otherwise dull place, and they can bring life to a small, crowded space. Not only do plants play such a vital role in our environment, but they also can provide you with emotional and physical health benefits.  Read the following reasons why you should consider including more plants into your life.

Gardening, as it can require a lot of movement and strength, can be considered as a form of exercise. Similar to other types of exercise, gardening helps to release endorphins, the hormone that can reduce pain and help people relax.

Instead of just growing flowers and shrubs, consider growing fruit and vegetables in your garden. Home-grown fruits and vegetables are quite healthy for you, and if you grow them right in your backyard, it becomes a lot more convenient to include your produce in your diet.

Research has also suggested that plants can improve a person’s psychological welfare and that people actually recover from illness faster when they spend time around plants. So when you feel a cold coming on, try to go spend some time out in your garden!

For many people with pets, the joy of taking care of their animals and being responsible for their wellbeing can bring them purpose. Gardening and the effort required to keep plants alive can provide a similar feeling of great responsibility, but with less expense and risk. This can provide a sense of purpose and importance for those who may struggle with mental health issues.

Above all, plants are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to look at. They provide pops of color in an environment that is otherwise plain to look at. To gain many of these health benefits and to create a yard you love to spend time in, contact CARE at

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