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Living in Utah, we know that it can be hard to maintain a green lawn. Going from low 50s to high 80s in a day, it’s hard to determine what to do with your lawn. Here are few tactics to use to keep that lawn looking spectacular.


Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

Everything living needs so sort of nutrients or food. Fertilization is food for your grass. That’s why it is recommended to fertilize at least in once in Spring and Fall. You also don’t want to over fertilize so find that in between medium.

Oxygen is Key

Lawn can become hard and doesn’t let the nutrients into their systems. This is why aeration is key to providing oxygen to the grass and letting it get those nutrients that it needs.

Yellow Spots Need Special Attention

Sometimes lawn will show yellow spots. Whether this is from a pet or not, you can treat it by using seed, mulch, and fertilizer. You can find lawn repair kits at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Get the Right Length

The long blades of grass create the perfect about of shade for the soil and roots to grow and be nourished. You want to make sure that you don’t cut your lawn too short or it won’t be that pretty green we all aim for in our lawns.

Water the Perfect Amount

About 1-3 times a week of deep watering is just enough to get the green grass. If you water more, it won’t sink into the soil deep enough to help the lawn. A test is to walk on the lawn, if the footprint stays, you need to water. If it doesn’t stay then you are good to wait another day.

Don’t Rush It

Don’t think watering every day will get your lawn green because it won’t. If you rush your grass to be green it will just waste money and the amount of time you are putting into it.

Leave it Even

Make sure that you are getting all spots of your lawn and not just the main few areas. You want to make sure that it is spreading the water evenly.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

The earlier you water your lawn in the day, the cooler and darker it is. This lets your grass soak up the water because the sun comes and dries it out.

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