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25 days til Fall – Are you prepared?

That’s right, there are only 25 days left until the Fall season starts on September 1st. Do you know what it takes to make your yard ready for an Utah Fall? We have just a few pointers that could make your yard excel during the Fall. Check out our tips below. 

Controlling those Weeds

The first step in preparing your yard for Fall is taking control of those weeds. Making it so that no weeds stay in your lawn or garden for these colder months. Get down and pull them out of your yard. 

Aerating that Lawn

Aerating your lawn can really help regrowth and make your yard look healthy. Aerating makes the air circulate through the lawn. This will help your grass be healthier by growing together. 

Seeding just the right amount

Getting the right amount of seed at the right amount of temperature outside is crucial. Making sure that it isn’t too hot outside or too windy as well. 

Managing Pests

It is important to get rid of pests before the Winter months or else these pests might just live in your yard all Winter long, digging in your soil. Getting rid of these early will help you keep your lawn healthy for the next months of colder temperatures. 

Fertilizing correctly

Fertilizing is crucial during the Fall time as you want to give enough nutrients to your yard to get through these next months. Getting your fertilizer and feeding your yard will really help boost the healthiness of your lawn. 


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