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Trees are a beautiful, and vital part of daily life, and planting more of them in your yard can improve multiple aspects of your life. 

Trees hold soil in place

When the trees grow, the roots go deep into the soil, and by doing so it holds the soil in place. This prevents the effects of erosion, especially when the trees are strategically placed on hills or on steeper parts of your yard.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide

This may seem your grade school class all over again, but yes, trees take in carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen. This is a major benefit to us, as we need oxygen to survive. However, it doesn’t stop there, trees can also absorb nitrogen oxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone. 

Trees Slow Water Runoff

Trees are also very effective at slowing water runoff, thus limiting the impact of flash flooding. It is estimated that trees can intercept about 1000 gallons of water yearly.. 

Trees can filter noise

Trees are also great at filtering noise from busy streets, and highways. When planted strategically, trees can dramatically decrease nuisance noise.

Trees can reduce energy costs

Trees create shade in the summer, which would lower the costs to cool your home, and additionally, they can block fierce winds in the winter which would lower the cost to heat the home.

Increase Property Value

Trees along with great landscaping can increase the value of your home! Estimates range from 7 to 19 percent increase in property value. 

Trees Produce Food

There are many different varieties of produce or food that can be derived from food. An expert can guide you to whichever ones are best for your region and your home.

Trees can help people with mental illness 

Being around nature, and green environments have shown to produce the necessary chemicals in the brain that stimulate happiness.

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