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Our CARE professionals will closely examine your property, identifying all specific maintenance needs to keep it in pristine condition week in and week out. Along with your property, we will determine your personal needs and explore the level of involvement you wish to have with your property maintenance.

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From that exploration period, CARE will develop a custom maintenance package for your property. The package will include detailed services and time frames that address each specific property need, along with pro-actively managing the investment you have in your property. Through the development stage, CARE will finalize this maintenance plan, outlining all details, that will be addressed on the property.

No. 3


Knowing your property is a living environment in a living atmosphere, CARE will be there to keep a watchful eye on your evolving and maturing landscape. Maintenance needs and requirements will need to not only be adjusted and tweaked as your landscape grows and develops, but pro-actively managed throughout the weeks. Plant selections, water requirements, fertilization, weed control, trimming, lighting, insect control, etc., are just a few items that will require constant oversight and attention from the experts at CARE, adjusting as needed, keeping your property in pristine condition! Along with the evolution of your landscape needs, CARE will be there to adjust to your needs. As life changes….adjusts….evolves….CARE will also adjust to fi t your needs! What may start out as a fertilization plan may turn into weekly maintenance plan as the demands of your life change. Overall, whatever the adjustments or needs may be, CARE will be there every step of the way.

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We are not only involved in beautifying your property on a weekly basis, or whatever package may be desired, we are also here to protect your investment. CARE believes in “pro-active” maintenance and not just “re-active maintenance”. Through our detailed oversight and organizational makeup, CARE will pro-actively oversee the specifi c needs of the property, making suggestions and observations on items we see that may become potential problems or issues. We feel it is our duty to provide not only a service that addresses the needs on a weekly basis, but to pro-actively foresee items that can be addressed to protect your investment, and limit the costs and heartaches in the future.

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At CARE, we aim to inspire our clients, along with ourselves, to maintain and protect beautiful outdoor living environments that enhance our quality of life!